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Kimberly Simms

Sample Residency / Performance Format: Experienced with arts integration and residency units that utilize poetry or theater or both.
8th Grade Honors. Writing Poems as Biography
8th Grade Honors. Writing poems with Lord of the Flies.
6th/7th Grade Related Arts. Haiku Battle and Still Life.
7th Grade Language Arts. My Heritage in Performance Poetry.
7th Grade Math. Poetic Mapping and Polygon Concrete Poetry.
6th Grade Language Arts. Poetry Slam! and Public Speaking.
7th Grade Language Arts. Dramatic Monologue and The Outsiders.
7th Grade Language Arts. Team Poetry Slam with Group Pieces.
7th Grade. Science. Diseases and Syllabic Poetry.
3rd Grade Special Education. Revolutionary War and Poetry.
4th Grade. My Heritage in Poetry Slam!
5th Grade. Civil Rights and Personae Poetry (plus Slam!)
3rd Grade. The Civil War and Personae Poetry (plus Slam!)
Technical Requirements for Residencies / Performances: I prefer access to power point for residencies. For performances, I prefer access to a sound system.
Materials Needed: Chart paper, markers, notebook paper, pencils, colored pencils.
Expected Educational Outcomes:
1.Students will improve their writing voice through figurative language and strong vocabulary.

Grades: Pre-School/Kindergarten
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
After School At Risk Special Needs Post Secondary / Higher Ed. Senior Citizens

Available Dates: Currently available.
Available Locations: Available for work out of state
Available for work statewide
Available For: Available for Residency, Minimum Fee: 250 per Day, Maximum Fee: plus travel
Available for Performance, Minimum Fee: 250 per Day, Maximum Fee: plus travel

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