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Joe Rock Edwards

Sample Residency / Performance Format: 22 hour/4 Day Residency: Students will have 2-3 classes to produce sculptures and 1-2 classes to paint them. This schedule requires working with the same group of students over the 4 day period. If the objective of the booking is to expose as many children in the school as possible to the “Joe Rock Clay Experience,” workshops can be scheduled instead of a residency. Projects must be kiln fired to complete them. Note: Joe can fire sculptures for an added fee and the fourth day should be scheduled approximately 2 weeks later to allow for drying and firing of projects. For workshops that include painting the finished sculpture, schedule and additional day approximately 2 weeks later for Joe to demonstrate painting techniques and allow time for students to paint their projects. If the teacher decides to kiln fire and paint student projects, instructions can be provided if necessary.
Workshop: 1.5 hours minimum. Students view demonstration and sculpt a clay figure in one class period. Maximum number of students per class: 30
Legacy Project: Joe sculpts a predetermined sculpture with groups of students watching and giving suggestions. Included is explanation of how a professional artist plans and executes a project. The school receives the finished sculpture for a Legacy for that year/class. Example: School Mascot. Time required is determined by the complexity of the project.
Technical Requirements for Residencies / Performances: If the PowerPoint Presentation is included as part of the residency a digital projector will be needed.

Protected tables and shelves
Access to water
Basic Clay tools (including texturing items) and paint/brushes are provided
Cardboard squares for sculptures (approx. 1 foot square)
Kiln access if you want to fire the clay creations once they are totally dry.
2 parent/teacher volunteers needed per class for K-5
Materials Needed: Clay (1-5 lbs. per student for most projects), water, and paper towels for clean up. Clay can be purchased for $30 for 50 lb. box or clay can be provided by the school. Artist suggests low-fire white earthenware clay.
Expected Educational Outcomes:
1.Students will learn hand building techniques, clay vocabulary, and produce a finished sculpture(s).

Grades: Pre-School/Kindergarten
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
After School At Risk Special Needs Post Secondary / Higher Ed. Senior Citizens

Available Dates: Currently available.
Available Locations: Available for work out of state
Available for work statewide
Available For: Available for Residency, Minimum Fee: 1 day = $800, 2 days =$1500, 3 days =$2000, 4 days = $2500, Maximum Fee: $2500
Available for Performance, Minimum Fee: $800- 1 Day

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